27 September 2019

The FMF Opening Ceremony like in “Back to the Future”

Free Mind Foundry, Acireale – 27 September 2019

Two years after its foundation, Free Mind Foundry doubles space, projects, human resources, technologies and market sectors in which it operates. The successful opening ceremony, that took place on the 27th of September in Acireale, gathered together representatives of the industry and the political, institutional and ecclesiastical world,  and aroused the interest of the national press, representing a significant event in a historical moment in which technological research and education are key drivers of the digital economic development of our country.

Free Mind Foundry is devised to be the home of a global digital community ready to break new ground and erase time-space limits. The International Cooperation Hub, not coincidentally born in the heart of the Mediterranean area, is the concrete example that, anywhere in the world, it is possible to build a sustainable economic model that creates value,  generate employment and improves the technological positioning of Italy.

Read more… https://www.freemindfoundry.com/free-mind-foundry-opening-ceremony/

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