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The Free Mind Foundry Opening Ceremony like in “Back to the Future”

In the heart of the Mediterranean Sea, a brand-new International Cooperation Hub is born Two years after its foundation, Free Mind Foundry doubles space, projects, human resources, technologies and market… read more

Free Mind Foundry Raddoppia!

Free Mind Foundry raddoppia. Intervista all’Architetto Carlo Paternò che spiega differenze e key-concepts del primo e del secondo progetto. “Un progetto affascinante, tecnicamente complesso ed ambizioso in cui regnano architettura e innovazione”

Leading institutions, policymakers and academics visit Free Mind Foundry

Acireale/Catania, February 2018: Free Mind Foundry, the largest Innovation Hub in Southern Italy, stands out as key technological driver for future sustainable growth Free Mind Foundry (FMF), the hub where… read more

Memorable Free Mind Foundry Grand Opening Ceremony

Acireale/Italy, July 2017: Free Mind Foundry, the largest Innovation Hub of South Italy, opens its doors to a wide digital community It is a new beginning for many digital companies… read more